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On an average Saturday afternoon it’s not uncommon for him to see upwards of fifty clients, all eagerly wanting to add a new pretty earring to everywhere from the curved shell of the ear to the little nub on the front called the tragus. But why do girls gravitate towards the delicate pieces?We design a lot of our own jewelry and have always carried up-and-coming designers.Modern snap fasteners were first patented by German inventor Heribert Bauer in 1885 as the "Federknopf-Verschluss", a novelty fastener for men's trousers.Some attribute the invention to Bertel Sanders, of Denmark.Right side buttstock carries Chassepot rondel dated 1874, left side the Gras modification rondel dated Sept. Along with the much-modified Chassepot bolt, the Chassepot chambers were fitted with an insert to handle the 11 X 59R Gras cartridge. Finding these much-used rifles in such great condition is getting hard these days - and moreover, many were converted to 8mm Lebel. Brass action with hinged lid (rear tip of lid broken off), single large hammer fired by lanyard that passes through hole to underside of stock. Circa 1760 tome containing the full-size ( 10 X 15 1/2" ) military plates and text of Diderot's Encyclopedia.Condition overall is excellent - retains all fine arsenal conversion blue on barrel and receiver, bolt has light age patina and much dried grease (easily cleaned). Reduced to 0 Note: Gun comes with a fine condition Model 1874 bayonet and scabbard Reduced to 0 980) A Large Greener (or Greener-type) Whaling Gun circa 1860. Solid stock with reinforcing straps on handle/grip; brass plates at swivel bolt hole. No visible markings, barrel has uniform light pitting overall. Reduced to 0 1357) English Flint Pistol by Sharpe, Made for the American Trade. Plates illustrate gun manufacturing and tools; military musket components; 5 plates of infantry musket drill; 15 plates of complex infantry formations and evolutions (too many to picture all); Vauban fortification plans and siege methods; canno, mortars, carriages, siege weapons, etc.

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The Prym-company produces snap fasteners since 1903.

A lot of the pieces have been smaller and more unusual.

Girls know to come here for refined pieces that aren’t your standard fare at most tattoo shops. They’re not afraid to suffer a bit for something pretty.

She stood out in her favourite shocking pink shade at Wednesday's H&M Paris Fashion Week show.

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But Nicki Minaj, 34, mixed it up the following day, stepping out in two very different ensembles for the fashion spectacular.

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